D-Finitive Risk Management Services

Professional Business Solutions

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy requires a visible commitment, ethical leadership, involvement, quality and sustainable growth. Our proactive culture is understood, shared and practiced by all employees as an integral part of everyday business. Our philosophy is based on the core values of quality, commitment and professional excellence.

Our Commitment: Management provides strong visible commitment and provide the necessary resources and personal involvement. Management shall make available the resources necessary to achieve our objectives.

Our Ethical Leadership: Management provides strong, visible leadership and actively participate in the continuing drive toward a corporate culture that places our ethos equal in importance to the other critical business objectives. visible leadership includes setting a personal example in everyday work and actively contributing to activities such as audits, site visits, etc.

Our Quality: Our vision is a culture of quality and service that will enable us to exceed our clients’ expectations, actively involve and empower all employees in the continuous improvement process and enhance profitable growth. Our work ethos is underpinned by professional excellence, innovation, value add and team work. 

Our Innovation: At D-finitive we instill a culture of innovation and creativity to continuously improve and enhance business processes that will enable better service delivery, business performance and improved decision making.

Our Professional Excellence: Our record of accomplishment demonstrates our ability to provide quality professional services. 

Our People is D-finitive’s greatest assets within the company. We hand-selected highly qualified professionals that share the same business values and firmly prescribe to the company’s philosophy to inculcate a culture of commitment, ethical leadership, innovation, professionalism and quality standards

We believe that investing in our staff represents an investment by the firm to ensure that the skills are honed and the benefits are transferred to our clients. To achieve this, our staff undertakes vigorous training programs as part of the recruiting and training programs as well as to continuous development i.e. continuous personnel development (CPD programs).

Further on-the-job training and mentorship and coaching programs identifies staff that excel for which they are duly rewarded. These programs are periodically assessed for quality and effectiveness and the latest technologies are employed to ensure that the respective training programs remain the best.

Our senior management provides strong, visible commitment and leadership and the necessary resources in the development of our staff. Visible leadership requires our senior management to set personal example in everyday work and actively contribute to staff development.