D-Finitive Risk Management Services

Professional Business Solutions

Our Innovation 

Auditing firms provide the traditional assurance techniques without considering the value of the intellectual property and the means for which it could assist both management and the audit firm in maximizing assurance value and reduce the risks and costs for management.

Our innovative solutions and tools

Our strength lies in the ability to harness the information obtained by the walk- through's or documented systems, analyse the operational and system processes for deficiencies that enables our team to:

▪  Identify areas for enhancement or improvement

▪  Design and build customised tools (assurance and management purposes)

This not only improves our efficiency but greatly enhances assurance value, our clients’ organizational efficiency and builds sustainable partnerships with our clients. We achieve this by building tools that enables critical analysis of processes, develops trends and more importantly provide a tool for management to assess the organization.

Some of our tools developed utilize various applications such as MsAccess, ACL, crystal reports, etc depending on our client’s requirements. These are transformed into dashboards uniquely customized to provide direction for our teams and performs the function of a decision making tool for executive management.