D-Finitive Risk Management Services

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We provide expert and specialized services in the field of Governance, Risk and Control (GCR), benchmark organizational processes and provide access to best practices.

Our specialist technical and technological expertise assists organisations with audit, accounting, BEE, governance, ethics, risk management, tax and more.



D-finitive provides computer forensics, cyber intelligence and data security services to our clients with timely and secure investigations of digital devices to government agencies, attorneys and corporations.  This includes Data Breaches, Intellectual Property (IP) Theft and Mobile Forensics.

Our dedicated experts have conducted computer forensics for 15 years in the industry which includes Electronic Media Acquisition, Hard Drive Imaging, Data Extraction, Data Recovery, etc.  


We offer a range of related services such as corporate investigations, forensic auditing, special investigations, fraud awareness training and ITC security vetting coupled with data analytics, data mining and information management techniques. Our expertise ranges from:

§ Accounting Fraud

§ Contract Breaches

§ Conflicts of Interest

§ Cyber-Security

§ Financial Statements Misrepresentations

§ Identity Fraud

§ Medical Fraud

§ Money Laundering

§ Supply Chain or Procurement Fraud

§ Social Welfare and Grand Fraud


"Adherence to good corporate governance will help improve the confidence of investors and may reduce the cost of capital" - OECD 

Corporate governance is all embracing conduct and attitude of companies that affects shareholders and stakeholders. D-finitive provides governance and ethics assessments to enable the company directors and top management to measure governance maturity within an organisation to ensure governance compliance.


We assess the organisation's management controls by bench-marking the organisational processes and testing the designed controls for adequacy, effectiveness, and efficiency. Specialised areas of expertise includes:

§ Governance and Ethics

§ Internal Financial Controls

§ Information Technology audits

§ Occupational Health and Safety Audits 

§ Specialized Audits such as Derivatives


"Risk, return and responsibility are the three sides of the coin of business opportunity"
We conduct risk workshops and measure level of the risk maturity of an organisation compared to its desired level of risk maturity. Our expertise extends to financial risk instruments such as credit derivatives, futures, forwards as well as bunker derivatives. Our risk expertise will assist organisations with their enterprise: 

§ Risk Management

§ Risk Governance

§ Risk Analysis

§ Risk Modelling